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Browned Butter S’mores Treats

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Browned Butter S’mores Treats are an easy no-bake summer treat! These treat bars are made with golden graham cereal and have all the flavor of s’mores without the campfire!


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Browned Butter S'mores Treats sliced with marshmallows and chocolate bar on the side


What are Browned Butter S’mores Treats?

Browned Butter S’mores Treats are similar to a rice krispy treat. They are made with golden graham cereal, marshmallows, chocolate chips and a hint of vanilla. These ingredients combine to make a quick and fun treat bar that is similar to traditional s’mores without the open flame and campfire.


Browned Butter S’mores Treats Details


Level of Difficulty: Easy! These treat bars require melting butter on the stove and combining the ingredients. The most difficult part is waiting for the treat bars to cool and firm up before indulging.

Time: 10 minutes is all it takes to make these treat bars. I suggest waiting an hour before slicing to allow them cool.

Flavor: Sweet! The marshmallow, vanilla and chocolate give these bars a sweet flavor. The golden graham cereal give a cinnamon and honey flavor.


Close up shot of s'mores treats to show the crispy texture



These s’mores treats require just a few pantry staples!

  • Cooking Spray or Butter
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Marshmallows- use mini marshmallows or large marshmallows. I have found that the mini marshmallows are easier to melt and stir with the cereal.
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Golden Grahams Cereal- feel free to use a generic brand.
  • Chocolate Chips- for a traditional campfire treat, use milk chocolate. You can also use your favorite chocolate chip or chop up your favorite candy bar. I like to use Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Candy Bars. 


How to Make Browned Butter S’mores Treats

Brown the butter. Heat a large pot over medium heat and add butter. Allow butter to melt stirring occasionally. Once butter is melted, continuously stir. You want to continuously stir to prevent the butter from burning. The butter will become foamy. Stir until butter is brown and has a nutty aroma.

Mix ingredients. Add the marshmallows to the butter and stir until the marshmallows are melted and mixed with the butter. Remove the pot from heat and stir in the vanilla. Add the golden grahams cereal. Stir to combine marshmallow mixture with cereal. Add in the chocolate chips. Stir to mix with other ingredients. The chocolate will begin to melt while mixing. This is okay. This makes the s’mores treats taste just like a campfire treat!

Add to pan. Use either a 9×13 or 8×8 pan. If using the 9×13 pan, the treat bars will be skinnier. If using the 8×8 pan, the treat bars will be tall. I find it easier to distribute the mixture in a 9×13 pan. Spray pan with cooking spray or line the pan with parchment paper. Place the cereal mixture in the pan. Use parchment paper on your hands to press the cereal down into the pan and distribute the mixture evenly. Allow the mixture to cool and the marshmallows to harden before slicing. Use a sharp knife to slice.



What does s’more mean? S’more is slang for give me some more! These smore’s treats will certainly have you saying ‘s’more!’

Help! I don’t have marshmallows. Can I still make s’mores treats? Yes, you can still make s’mores treats without marshmallows. In place of the marshmallows, use marshmallow crème or marshmallow fluff. You could also melt leftover Peeps in place of traditional marshmallows. Be careful, the color of the peep will combine with the chocolate so it may not be visually appetizing.

What is a good substitute for golden grahams cereal in these s’mores treats? In place of the cereal, you could chop up traditional graham crackers into cereal size pieces. You could also use Rice or Corn Chex. If using Chex, I would suggest adding some cinnamon and sugar to the mix to get a sweeter taste. This option has not been tested.

What is the difference between s’mores treats and actual s’mores? S’mores Treats are made inside over the kitchen stove. They are served as a handheld treat with all of the s’mores ingredients combined. Actual s’mores are made outside over a campfire. A large marshmallow and chocolate piece are sandwiched between graham crackers to make a yummy campfire treat!


Expert Tips

  • Don’t let the butter burn while browning! This is very easy to do if you do not continuously stir the butter. The butter will become foamy and bubble. Continue to stir until brown and while all ingredients are mixed together.
  • Use a piece of parchment paper to press cereal into pan. The melted marshmallows in these S’mores Treats make them very, very sticky. If you try to use your hands, you will have a big mess. Press down on a piece of parchment paper to distribute the cereal mixture evenly into your pan.


S'mores Treats stacked on top of each other. A yummy pile of treats!



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Browned Butter S'mores Treats sliced with marshmallows and chocolate bar on the side
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Browned Butter S'mores Treats

Browned Butter S'mores Treats are an easy no-bake summer treat! These treat bars are made with golden graham cereal and have all the flavor of s'mores without the campfire!


  • 1 Large Pot
  • 1 Spatula
  • 1 9x13 or 8x8 pan
  • Parchment Paper


  • 8 oz Unsalted Butter
  • 6 cups Golden Grahams Cereal
  • 1/2 cup Milk or Dark Chocolate Chips
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • 1 cup Mini Marshmallows
  • Cooking Spray


  • Spray 9x13 pan with cooking spray or line with parchment paper.
  • Add butter to a large pot. Turn heat to medium to melt butter. Once butter is melted, stir continously. Butter will become foamy. Stir until butter is brown and smells nutty.
  • Add marshmallow to butter. Stir marshmallows to melt. Remove from heat.
  • Add vanilla and stir to combine.
  • Add cereal. Stir until all cereal is covered with marhsmallow mix.
  • Add chocolate chips and stir to combine. The chocolate chips will melt while stirring.
  • Add mixture to a 9x13 pan. Use a piece of parchment paper to press down on cereal mixture to evenly distribute throughout pan.
  • Allow cereal to completely cool before slicing.

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