My name is Lynne and welcome to Delmarvalicious Dishes! This site was born out of my passion for cooking and bringing people together.

I am originally from Westminster, Maryland where I grew up overlooking the Catoctin Mountains. I grew up in a LOUD house. It was always full of family, and we were always in the kitchen. The kitchen is where I feel most comfortable. When I think of food, I think of family gathering.

I have lived in Rehoboth Beach, DE since 2011. As a kid, I always knew I would live at the beach. At the time, I thought I would live somewhere warm. Well, plans changed when I met my husband who is from Delaware. We now have 2 little boys, Pierce and Layton. Southern Delaware has a great sense of community to raise a family (not to mention some great dining). I am excited to watch my boys grow up in this beautiful place we get to call home. 

I hope that you will be inspired to bring your family together for a meal, try using different ingredients or even visit one of the great towns that Delmarva  has to offer!


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