How to Build an Epic Veggie Charcuterie Board

Lynne Kenton @delmarvaliciousdishes

Entertaining this summer? Make a simple Veggie Charcuterie Board! Let me teach you all the tips and tricks to make an epic snack board that meat eaters and vegetarians will both love!

Start will all of the veggies!

Use at least 5 veggies on your grazing board. Choose veggies that that are easy to chop and can be eaten raw. My favorites are:  - Baby Carrots - Sugar Snap Peas - Baby Bell Peppers - Radishes -Cucumbers

Add in your dips!

The dips keep your board interesting! Make sure that there are options for vegans and add some protein with hummus!  My favorite dips include:  - Guacamole - Hummus -French Onion - Anything made  with Greek Yogurt!

Garnish with fresh herbs! 

The easiest garnish is one that is growing in your garden! Grab some fresh herbs to fill in any blank spaces on your board or place your veggies on top of the herbs!

Entertaining Tips! 

- Build the board for your crowd - Pre-cut veggies are a great option - Use vegetables that are in season - Keep it colorful!

The Author: lynne kenton delmarvalicious  dishes

How to build an epic veggie charcuterie Board