By Lynne Kenton @delmarvaliciousdishes

This Iced Strawberry Mocha Macchiato is a coffee lovers dream! This delicious coffee drink is the perfect choice for a Valentine's Day coffee or any time you want an espresso-based drink at home!

Strawberry Mocha Macchiato Ingredients

Step 1: Stir cocoa powder into espresso or strongly brewed coffee until there is a smooth texture.

Step 2: To a tall glass, add the Strawberry Simple Syrup into the bottom of the cup.

Step 3: Place ice cubes in the glass on top of Strawberry Simple Syrup.

Step 4: Add milk on top of ice cubes to create a creamy white layer.

Step 5: Pour espresso or strongly brewed coffee on top of milk. Garnish with a strawberry, whipped cream or chocolate syrup and enjoy!

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The Author: lynne kenton