By Lynne Kenton @delmarvaliciousdishes

INGREDIENTS Smoked Salmon Shrimp Fish Dip Cream Cheese Lemon Wedges Capers Crackers or Fresh Bread Cocktail Sauce Fresh Fruit or Vegetables Cheese (optional) Deli Meats (optional)

Start by adding the main ingredients to a large board: the seafood!  Place the smoked salmon, shrimp and fish dips on different sections of the serving platter. 

Next, add in your garnishes. I used fresh herbs: thyme and rosemary.  Fresh sprigs of dill would also be great or even lettuce to add a pop of color to the seafood board.  

Then, add in the accompaniments and place next to the appropriate seafood.  Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce Smoked Salmon with cream cheese, crackers, capers, red onion and lemon wedges.  Fish dip and crackers 

Finally, fill in any empty space with cheese slices, deli meats, fresh fruit or fresh veggies!  Sliced peppers and carrots are my favorite! 

Enjoy your Seacuterie Board!  Keep the board refrigerated until ready to serve! 

The Author: lynne kenton

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