Simple, Adaptable, Family Meals with a Healthy Twist

Slice of lasagna showing off all of the creamy layers
Creamy Venison Lasagna with Cottage Cheese
A perfect setup for tea! Immunity Boosting Tea with ingredients on a white tray with tea kettle
Easy Citrus Immunity Boosting Tea
Spinach Artichoke Rolls on cutting board ready to be eaten!
Spinach Artichoke Rolls (Make Ahead Appetizer)
Blueberry Coffee Smoothies with extra blueberries and banana slices
Blueberry Coffee Smoothie (with Banana)
Veggie Mac and Cheese
Mexican Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Nice to Meet You!

Hi! My name is Lynne Kenton.

I am a food blogger and I focus on simple recipes with a healthy twist.

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